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Protect your family

A will is simply a document that protects your family in the event of you becoming ill or deceased. It provides those whom you care for when you can no longer provide for them. Not having a will only put your loved ones through a tiresome process that rarely results in fairness. Take the time to do what's right for your family.

Look, we get it, the very thought of what makes will’s necessary is terrifying. With that said, this document does not determine your outcome. It only provides the security you wish to give to those who you love dearly. This is a simple process that we at the Law Office of John L. Mohr will carefully guide you through. Let’s get it done so you can be done with it.

Preparation is a good thing

With all things financial and having to do with your future you need someone you can trust. At John L. Mohr Law we take the responsibility that comes with our services very seriously. We don’t work unless we have the kind of relationship that is built on the one thing that matters, trust.

Trust your attorney

Protect your family from the unexpected. Let us help you get your financial affairs in order to ensure they make it to the right place.

Why wait another minute? Prolonging this only puts your family at risk. Call!