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Probate professionals

Probate at its core is the legal process whereby a court oversees the distribution of assets left by a deceased person. This is an easy process if you’ve chosen to do what is necessary to protect your loved ones future. If you chose otherwise, the state gets to make more decisions with what’s yours, and that you do not want.

We can provide the representation and knowledge needed to make sure your belongings, owed debts, and other assets are protected. Our experience lends itself to all instances. From collecting debts owed to the deceased to settling disputes of said assets of those who are claiming. Let us help you protect your family’s future.

Experienced and knowledgeable

Breathe easy today knowing that we can handle this if such is needed. To achieve the results you want, probate should be handled with an understanding of the legal principles involved. At John L. Mohr Law we can help prepare and file the legal documents, and you for hearings in court.

You can rely on us

Do not leave it up to the state. Not planning accordingly will leave your estate, property, and finances in limbo.

We put the needs of our client first. Your wish is our command. Call now!



• Probate may be needed to clear title for real estate, stocks & bonds, or

 large bank or savings and loan accounts.


• Collect debts owed to the deceased person


• Settle disputes between people who claim Assets of the deceased



• Resolve any disputes about the validity of the deceased person’s will