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Your dedicated & experienced attorney in Palm Springs, CA

At John L. Mohr Law we are experienced in a number of legal areas. We specialize in the financial planning side of the law, from Wills and Trusts to Probate and Power of Attorney. Let us help you get your affairs in order. Protect yourself and your family.


At the Law Offices of John L. Mohr we know California and California law. We have proudly served this state since 1983 and don’t intend on stopping anytime soon.

In these instances you need an attorney that knows what they’re doing and is comfortable in the process. You can count on us at John L. Mohr Law to help.

Many of these matters are highly sensitive and you need an attorney that is not aware of that but respects that. As our client you will get the service you deserve.

At the Law Office of John L. Mohr we have been doing this for over 30 years. There is nothing we haven’t seen nor encountered. You can rely on us when you need it most.

Serving California

Experienced council

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